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Day 5 of our Week of Prayer - Focus - Corporate Prayer and Unity

Last night's teaching was inspiring and convicting. Prayer was presented as the "engine that runs the ship"; and isn't that a true statement. It doesn't take much study of Jesus' life to see He put a high priority on prayer, and since He is our perfect example; shouldn't we do the same. I believe as we journey through 2024, if we will commit to "show up" for prayer - at home in private, together at church, and even as we go through our daily routine - we will see God do amazing things. But best of all; we will nurture a deeper more intimate relationship with Him.

What do you want for 2024? I encourage you to think and pray about that, then "show up" to see what God will do. This can be an amazing journey. I hope to hear many victorious testimonies as 2024 unfolds. Enjoy the video.


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